Misconceptions of a marquee

Perhaps the finest in outdoor venues, a marquee is a tent that comes in a variety of sizes and designs, and can suit a number of different occasions. Depending on what the event is, they can be decorated in a specific theme to represent the significance of the party. Birthdays, engagements and even live music performances, whatever you’re planning, always consider hiring marquees.

Family events come in all shapes and sizes, from small intimate gatherings to much larger celebrations, 21st birthdays to retirement celebrations. Often, these functions take place in a traditional venue, be it a bar, the village hall or the local function centre. More commonly however, people opt to go for a marquee in order to have the event at home and truly make it their own. With the added flexibility marquees offer families are able to cater for their visitors and provide a fun and comfortable setting while the festivities are in motion.

One of the most common misconceptions about marquees is that they’re very expensive and that you have to possess a large garden in order to make use of one. This couldn’t be further from the truth in actuality. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, suitable for both grand occasions and the smaller scale get-togethers. Regardless of your budget or specifications, marquee hire is an appropriate option for your party.

Typically marquees require heating, decorative items and of course, lighting for those parties that continue well into the night. A myriad of party organisers can add their own personal touch to the marquee’s interior decoration, but in truth, you’ll find that many marquee hire companies also specialise in this area and are equally as good because of their detailed knowledge of their products.

One thing to remember with a marquee is you are free to add any number of your own touches to the decorations and layout. They are the most flexible venue you can opt for, providing more opportunities to make the celebration memorable. You can even place them almost anywhere so you have the freedom to choose the location.

Marquee’s provide a lot of flexibility

Now that you have decided on a date for your party, it’s time to think about where it shall be held. It could very well be that you are planning a very sophisticated reception in a fancy hotel, or you may be satisfied with the down-to-earth appeal of your village hall. For many people though, marquees are an incredibly popular choice, particularly in the heat of summer.

There’s no better way of saying this, but a marquee sets a spectacular stage for practically any event, causal or otherwise. They can cater for events of varying sizes and offer flexibility if the guest numbers should change slightly at the last minute. While not a budget option, their potential is considerable and overall, marquees are rather reasonable in terms of pricing.

If there is a venue you like however and it’s only failing aspect is that it can’t accommodate every attendee, a marquee can be a real life saver. You can treat the tent as just another extension of the present structure. A great marquee hire provider will suggest ways in which the tent can be constructed to feel as if it’s a true part of the venue. This will not only make the most out of what’s already built, but any astounding views present too.

To add a dramatic look to marquees, think about choosing a lining. All kinds of different fabrics can be used for this, giving you the choice of colours and even patterns. Linings can be added to every kind of marquee, including traditional white walled ones and the more modern clearspan variants

How you want the marquee to look is up to you in the end, as it is your function. What’s true though is that any type is suitable for an outdoor get together. You just need to ensure you get the size right, consider all of the things you need to house in the tent, and make sure you can place it on a good, safe surface.

The many ways to light up your marquee

As the popularity for holding different ceremonies in marquees increases with each passing year, more people are opting to choose them for their own functions. A marquee provides a blank canvas and a flexible space to work with, and while all the white can seem daunting, every tent possesses untapped potential. With the right lighting and decorations, each one can become the perfect event venue.

If your marquee possesses exposed columns or beams, why not make use of them? They are the perfect place to wrap fairly lights around, transforming the entire structure into a beautiful area. If you utilise a connectable lighting system, you should be able to dress all the columns and poles with only one circuit that’s powered from a single plug. The result will be no messy trailing extension leads for people to trip over.

For the people that want to go all out, you may wish to consider a backdrop of fairy lights. This can either be for the celebrations or behind the top table of the wedding breakfast if that is the occasion. Making use of curtain lights, net lights or fairy lights, the bulbs will look astonishing when put together with a pale-coloured, lightweight fabric. You could even line each marquee wall with backdrop lights and if you use canopy lighting in conjunction with this, a real starlit effect shall be born.

“Wow” factor is easier to achieve than one might think, especially with a marquee light canopy. By employing connectable LED fairy lights, it’s simple to string the bulbs form the marquee’s sides to the centre. One can bring in a true old-time Hollywood flair to their function this way.

Lighting is what you make of it in the end and the same can be said for the marquee. If you’re really looking to impress the guests, do some research on effective lighting and go with the options you think will best suit your particular tent.

Deciding on the correct amount of heaters for your marquee

Almost any event can benefit massively from a marquee, there’s no doubt about that, but with any semi-permanent structure heating is often a necessity. A myriad of options exist on the market, so it is possible to select the right ones for each setting. You need to plan this carefully though, ensuring the system satisfies your requirements.

The time of year is the first and most obvious point to consider. If you’re throwing a party in the summer, chances are you won’t need a heater at all, but in the winter months this simply isn’t the case. When the cold comes knocking, heating will have to be introduced into you marquee so that your guests remain comfortable and warm.

Marquee size also plays a huge part in your choice of heater. As you are looking around for systems, it is vital to know the size of the tent that you intend to heat up to make certain that maximum heating coverage can be attained. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the marquee, the more heaters that will be required.

What the occasion is also needs to be considered as this too can impact your heating choice. A free standing heater for example, is perhaps not the wisest choice if you are hosting a child’s birthday party. The risk of one of them knocking it over as a result of their running around is quite high.

Heaters can be left running at functions for a considerable amount of time. This can often be a waste of electricity and unnecessary. At parties where the guests will be active for much of the night, it’s recommended that your heating is used at the start to warm people up and again near the party’s end once temperatures start to fall. This will save you money and keep you snug.

Using your heaters effectively is a sure way to make your function a successful endeavour. Sometimes an event will require heaters and sometimes they won’t. When they do however, just remember that your marquee plays a massive part in your decisions regarding your heating.

Marquee planning for your special day

Deciding on a marquee tent for your wedding is no easy feat, as you’ll want your entire audience to be absolutely speechless when they see it. Weddings are a special time after all, so it’s understandable that you’d like everything to be perfect. As long as you plan out your event carefully and give everything the attention it requires, the most important day in your life is sure to go off without a hitch.

As you’re selecting the marquee, remember that size matters immensely. Even if you fall in love with a particular style, make sure that you only book it if it can accommodate all of your invited guests. One of the last things you will want is to have your attendees all crammed into a small space. Aside from this, marquees that are far too big can also let you down, as it can really kill the atmosphere of the party. Make certain that you consider extras as well, including food and beverage services, and the dance floor.

One other consideration to make is whether you’d prefer a more modern or traditional design. For a contemporary approach, go with frame marquees, as these rectangular shaped structures don’t feature any inside poles and don’t require ropes to support them. Aluminium skeletons are placed around their perimeters instead to provide support. These are unobusive and look fantastic.

If you’re a more traditional kind of person, the romance of traditionally styled marquees are more than likely to win you over. These gems possess curved tops and inner poles, with an elegance that is nothing short of timeless. As an additional bonus, decorating the poles shall add to the visual impact that your venue has.

No matter what you decide on for your wedding, as long as it’s what you believe is right, the event will certainly be a memorable one. Just remember to take all of the details into consideration and plan accordingly. As a final tip we recommend arranging your marquee hire as far in advance as possible so you can enjoy the right tent.