How long should you hire a marquee for?

When many people think about using a marquee (or marquees if several are being joined together) for an event, an important question that crops up is how long should they be looking to hire them for. It is tricky to answer this because every event is different. You need to get a good estimate though, or it could potentially have an impact on your event. Continue reading

Safety first for fantastic marquee use

Normally people choose marquee hire for parties such as weddings, anniversaries, important birthdays and other special events. When doing so it’s perfectly natural to think only about how the marquee will be the perfect setting for it, and what wonderful memories you will create. In order to do this best, however, it’s important that you ask about the worst case scenarios that you could face. Continue reading

Securing a marquee that’s on a hardened surface

If you are after a marquee hire, then you must know that extra planning is needed if the tent is to be placed onto hardened surfaces. Many marquees rely on long steaks, which have been hammered into the ground, for support. If this cannot be done, ballast or weights need to be used to safely anchor the tent down. There are also some varieties of marquee specifically designed for hard surfaces including Clearspan, or framed marquees. Continue reading