Organising an evening marquee event

Marquees, for those who are unfamiliar with the word, are huge tents designed to house a certain amount of people during an outdoor function. Coming in a plethora of designs and sizes, they can be placed in many environments and, with the right set up, can provide adequate levels of protection during various weather conditions. It goes without saying that an outdoor party may not be complete without the presence of a marquee. Continue reading

Selecting the right lighting for a marquee event

One of the great things with marquee hire is it lets you set up the perfect venue in the right location. Thanks to quality lighting, heating, temporary flooring, and the shelter the tent provides you can overcome all of the obstacles to hosting events outdoors. Additionally you can choose all kinds of furnishings and decorations to create the perfect environment for your event.

An important thing you need to plan very carefully is lighting, whether you choose clear span marquees that have transparent sheets on the side that let natural light in or a traditional marquee. Regardless of the time of year or the setting, it is important the interior remains well lit at all times. Artificial lights will be needed to achieve this.

There are several different types of lighting to choose from, including modern LED uplights, string fairy-lights, or traditional bulbs. It is important you select the right ones to get the atmosphere you want. When choosing you should make sure you account for the safety and stability of guests. The last thing you want is to select lighting options that create unacceptable hazards.

Marquees will have a frame of some sort to support the cover. Many people look at this and use it to hang lighting from. This can work in many cases but it is vital you consider the weight of the lights beforehand. The last thing you want is to overload the frame and risk a collapse. Additionally you should be careful with lights touching the material itself, particularly if they are traditional ones that can heat up. This may create a fire risk.

Some people like to opt for hanging light fixtures such as chandeliers for marquees. These can really help the setting to pop and give it a classy feeling. A great deal of care is needed when choosing them and deciding where they will be hung as they can be particularly heavy. They should be properly spaced out and hang from the strongest, load bearing part of the frame.

It can take a great deal of planning to organise an event but breaking it down into stages will really help. Start off with marquee hire then move on to deciding on the layout, including the flooring requirements and furnishings. You can then more on to lighting, heating, and the all-important decorating.

Christmas in a marquee can be truly wonderful

With the Christmas period fast approaching and the New Year following on shortly after, now would be the ideal time to start planning ahead for your parties. A marquee should be your first consideration here; it provides you with the most versatile venue that there is. With one in place and carefully decorated, your guests are sure to speak of your holiday celebrations for years to come.

Utilising a marquee may not seem like the obvious choice here, but in truth, there could be no greater decision. To begin with venue hire can prove to be expensive, especially during this time of the year. Additionally, the majority of locations will most likely be booked far in advance. What better choice is there than to host the event in your chosen locale by choosing marquee hire?

People often think of a marquee as a blank slate of sorts and the potential that comes with this is something that cannot be stressed enough. These tents give you free reign to do whatever you want with them and if you call on the assistance of a professional designer, they’ll have a field day helping you bring your vision to life. Any theme or design can be created, be it a classic Charles Dickens approach or a more modern Frozen creation for the little ones.

Professional marquee hire companies often manufacture their tents so that the weather isn’t much of an issue either. Temperatures could plummet, winter snow could fall and yet, your visitors would forget what’s transpiring outside. With carpet and boarded flooring in place, alongside lined walls and some top of the range heating and lighting systems, your marquee will make everyone feel as if they were actually indoors.

If you are looking for that extra special and stunning something this holiday season, then a marquee is definitely the number one choice. Since they can be customised in numerous unique ways, marquees are just the way to express your Christmas cheer. All it takes is a few ideas and you have yourself the ultimate party setting.