Marquees inspire creativity and allow people to create the perfect events

The beauty of choosing a marquee as your event venue is that you can place it almost anywhere, within reason. This means you can decide on the perfect setting, keeping in mind what kind of theme you want or the reason behind the event. From the beach to a wonderful countryside location you can decide exactly where is best for the celebration.

Another huge advantage of marquees is that they can be used in all kinds of weather. You can throw the sides open to let fresh air in if the day is nice or keep them closed to block out wind and rain. Each one is designed to offer protection against the elements and you can even place heaters inside if you want to keep the setting pleasant regardless of the weather.

A third benefit is that the marquee is a blank canvas that you can be really creative with in terms of decorating. The white canvas will make your colour choices really pop, especially if you opt for some brighter shades to suit your theme. You can select all manner of colourful things to go in the marquee including flowers, tablecloths, chair coverings, carpets, wall linings, and a huge array of different accessories.

Marquees also offer a great deal more flexibility in terms of the entertainment you can offer. You can hire all kinds of acts and have them perform both inside and outside the tent. A dance floor can be set aside indoors and you can have space for all manner of games and other activities too. This means you can ensure all guests will be happy and the whole event will be memorable.

The most crucial thing with choosing a marquee as your venue is to give yourself enough time for planning. A great deal of effort goes in to creating the perfect setting for a celebration, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or even a corporate event. You should never lose sight of the reason behind the event. This focus will help you to create the perfect celebration.

As part of the planning you need to arrange for everything to arrive at the site in a timely manner. The priority will naturally be the marquee because without this you are having an open air celebration. You should arrange for it to arrive as early as possible, giving enough time for it to be erected and decorated before guests arrive. Keep in mind you could be facing a big job to decorate the marquee too; make sure you have enough help.

A careful plan for an event in a marquee can provide big benefits

A marquee is a type of large tent which is more than often used to shelter events held outside during summer. Despite the design changing little in 1,000 years, the marquee remains a favourable option to many people hosting outdoor functions. Originally manufactured from cotton canvas covers, hessian rope and wooden poles, designs in the UK today largely consist of aluminium poles, PVC Covers and nylon ropes.

Hiring the marquee is just one step of course; you also need to make some other arrangements to really get the most out of it. Create an informal seating plan so that your guests feel more at home, using some big cushions or throws to encourage people to get off their feet for a while. Every chair is a hundred times better when comfortable after all.

Don’t forget to create a theme for your party as well, one that is as simple or extravagant as you want. If you want everything to match the marquee you have hired, implement a dress code and stylise the food, drink and furniture in a way which reflects the marquee’s design. It might be well worth it once you have picked your theme to decorate the garden so it fits in too.

When setting up tables in your marquee, make it easy for the guests to help themselves to refreshments. Try placing cutlery in containers so people can easily grab them and opt for some plastic cutlery if there are children attending. If this is a more adult focused event it could be a good idea to get the good china out.

No matter the event and regardless of the location, marquees are the perfect setting for all manner of celebrations. With the potential to style your party in countless ways, there is little that a marquee cannot do for you. One of the best parts about these tents is that they come in a variety of sizes, meaning that they are perfect for both large and more exclusive events. So don’t hesitate if you’re planning a garden party, get your marquee now.

The multitude of marquee models available

A marquee is so much more than a simple tent once you come to understand its full potential. These structures are purposely designed to fit in large open spaces and to protect the inhabitants from various weather conditions. Depending on the requirements of the individual, different models exist with unique designs and colours to choose from.

Framed marquees are quite the popular option, being frequently utilised for wedding ceremonies. These marquees are very modern and have aluminium poles on the sides. Since no pole is necessary for the centre, you have more room available in which to enjoy yourselves. This model is also quite durable, being suitable for a number of different occasions besides weddings.

The high peak marquee model is a more traditional option for those who are into the classical touches when it comes to their events. Should there be any festivals or ceremonies where a massive volume of people tend to gather, this is the marquee that will typically be utilised. Add some lights and props to the side of the high peak and what you have is a very attractive and beautiful marquee, guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone.

Canopy style marquees are also a favourite for many people, being completely covered over the top but are open at all sides. These marquees can commonly be seen in use during large public events like fairs or massive music festivals, due to their ability to accommodate a big crowd.

All of these different types of marquees each bring a unique experience to any party or function at which they are present. No outdoor event is really the same without a marquee and they should definitely be considered for any outdoor plans that you may have. You can hire one for as long as you need and with one you have great freedom when it comes to decorating and making the space your own.

Planning a marquee event for your business

Marquees do an excellent job of adding that bit of extra style to your function by providing an elegant setting fit for a royal. We aren’t exaggerating when we say royal as her majesty the Queen employs the use of marquees during her summer garden parties. They can serve as truly fantastic venues and can be placed in a wide array of settings to meet various requirements.

While marquees are generally hired for parties and celebrations, it is possible to find some use for them for business conferences. During the hot summer months the heat can become unbearable inside stuffy rooms and it can be hard for everyone to focus on the topics at hand. An outdoor marquee could become the perfect setting for the conference. It will provide some well needed fresh air, giving you the option to leave the marquee open so the air can blow in.

Of course with any outdoor event there are considerations that must be taken into account before deciding on the final plans. To start with, make sure that your event space has the amenities that your guests will require, such as restroom access, nearby parking and power. In addition, avoid noisy places so that your guests will not become distracted.

With business conferences you may need to utilise a wide array of technology so you can present information to the audience. If you want to use a marquee you should ensure you can place the equipment in the right place, ensuring it is highly visible. You also need to make sure you can power it all properly. Fortunately you can overcome both of these. Marquees offer layout freedom in particular.

Another thing to remember is to keep the food fresh as well, as a spoiled menu can dampen the mood at any event rather quickly. You should ensure a space is available to store and serve the food safely. If the tent is being left open make sure you plan for flies and insects and keep everything covered.

Any event can be improved through the use of a marquee, with the potential they possess to bring a great degree of life to the occasion.

Planning for the weather ahead

With a range of sizes available, marquees can accommodate a varying number of guests, allowing you to have a massive bash or a more private get together. The choice is yours and you can have complete faith in the fact that the marquee will create the perfect venue.

The weather can be unpredictable, especially in our country, so it is best that you draw up contingency plans to suit the conditions at the time of your event. The sun is no exception and while sunny weather is the optimal state to have your party in, there are still steps you can take to make the most out of it.

By putting removable or roll up walls on your marquee, you can let in the air on really hot days to help guests cool off. If you can, have ceiling fans installed between the chandelier lighting to give yourself more of a breeze. You will also want to give some thought as to the layout of the marquee and the direction that the sun will be strongest. By placing the marquee windows on the West, they will get the evening sun which isn’t as hot as the midday conditions.

Rain can quickly disrupt all kinds of outdoor events but with a marquee in place people can easily take shelter and continue to have a great time. Marquees redirect water effectively and the largest ones can even feature guttering to tackle the issue.

If wet weather is expected you should take this into account when it comes to the interior, ensuring you have a suitable floor in place. The last thing you want is for people to be slipping over or turning the ground into a muddy mess.

You can also take the time to prepare paths outside the marquee for the event of rain if you want to ensure your guests have a great time. Temporary flooring can be used here as well.

With a marquee you can overcome all kinds of weather issues and ensure your event runs smoothly. We are happy to offer tips and advice, helping people to getting their planning perfect.