Assembling a marquee

First of all, especially if it’s a large sized marquee, you need to make sure you have the right amount of people to help with holding up each section. This will ensure safety and efficiency. For a 6x14m size you will want around 4-5 people at hand (the more the merrier though)!

When you have the respective quantity of people you must assemble the roof first. To do this easily, you’re best off laying out each steel pole in the area you wish to erect it, and in the order that’s shown in your instructions. Next connect each outer pole to the main beam in the middle; you will have to repeat this a few times for each section of roof (depending on size). As these poles are being connected to the main beam, you will start to see the arch of the roof forming.

Once the roof frame has been completed and put together there will be smaller rods that you will have to affix. This is a bit more fiddly, but your muscles will thank you for the rest! Once completed, you can then apply the roof cover.

After this is fixed on securely, about 3 people will have to lift up one side of the marquee to attach the foundation poles. As soon as this is done, the same needs to be applied on the other side of the marquee; then fix to the floor securely. To speed things up too, the covers for the foundation poles can be fastened on before you construct the opposite side.

Before the side covers can be attached, smaller rods will be necessary to lay all the way around, directly underneath the outer frame. You can then affix the side covers from the bottom of the roof frame to the rods along the floor. Repeat.

Obviously, this is just a rough guide of what entails in erecting a marquee, but really it’s always best to refer to the instructions that were given with your marquee! Alternatively you can hire a team to set everything up for you.