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Reap the rewards with marquee hire

Unlike a Christmas celebration, a corporate award ceremony can be held all year around. They can prove to be the perfect opportunity to take everyone out of the office and make the most of the warm summer months. If you opt for marquee hire for the occasion, representing your company’s personality is also a simple matter as you can control the design, contents, and layout for the event. Continue reading

Christmas in a marquee can be truly wonderful

With the Christmas period fast approaching and the New Year following on shortly after, now would be the ideal time to start planning ahead for your parties. A marquee should be your first consideration here; it provides you with the most versatile venue that there is. With one in place and carefully decorated, your guests are sure to speak of your holiday celebrations for years to come.

Utilising a marquee may not seem like the obvious choice here, but in truth, there could be no greater decision. To begin with venue hire can prove to be expensive, especially during this time of the year. Additionally, the majority of locations will most likely be booked far in advance. What better choice is there than to host the event in your chosen locale by choosing marquee hire?

People often think of a marquee as a blank slate of sorts and the potential that comes with this is something that cannot be stressed enough. These tents give you free reign to do whatever you want with them and if you call on the assistance of a professional designer, they’ll have a field day helping you bring your vision to life. Any theme or design can be created, be it a classic Charles Dickens approach or a more modern Frozen creation for the little ones.

Professional marquee hire companies often manufacture their tents so that the weather isn’t much of an issue either. Temperatures could plummet, winter snow could fall and yet, your visitors would forget what’s transpiring outside. With carpet and boarded flooring in place, alongside lined walls and some top of the range heating and lighting systems, your marquee will make everyone feel as if they were actually indoors.

If you are looking for that extra special and stunning something this holiday season, then a marquee is definitely the number one choice. Since they can be customised in numerous unique ways, marquees are just the way to express your Christmas cheer. All it takes is a few ideas and you have yourself the ultimate party setting.

Doing away with boring old business functions

If you’re a business executive that’s looking to put on a corporate event for an upcoming product reveal or celebration, then chances are you may be bored with the usual conference rooms you find in hotels. The answer to your problems of course is to hire out a marquee. Marquees are wonderful for any event really, but they can turn your corporate function into something that will strike the right note with guests. Continue reading

Marrying in a winter wonderland under a marquee

Outdoor weddings are a favourite among many and so they tend to opt to get married in the summer when there is a great chance for good weather. What a lot of individuals don’t realise however is that the winter has its own elegance when it comes to an outdoor wedding. The season can be an excellent time of the year and with the right elements in place, your celebration will be a sparkling wonderland.

First and foremost you need to ensure you have the right facilities in place to shelter your guests. A marquee can fit this role perfectly and hiring one can offer some big benefits over sticking with a traditional venue. Marquees are more flexible in terms of positioning, layout and decorations too.

The second thing you must ensure is that adequate heating is present to keep everyone warm throughout the event. It is a good idea to heat the marquee gently overnight to prevent a freeze. This can also keep the interior pleasant. If you see that snow is forecast through the night, put your heaters on a low setting to help counter the issue of snow settling on the roof. In the lead up to the event you can increase the heat to make sure the temperature is perfect.

A touch of gold or silver can blend well with winter white, allowing you to create stunning decor. Pale blues and purples can also work really well. If you are getting married in the festive period you can add traditional Christmas colours to the floral display or even the accessories to great effect.

In a marquee catering should also be given special attention. You need to make sure facilities are in place to store the food if it is being prepared off site, or prepare it if it’s being made onsite. Since it is a winter event, it is ideal for the menu to be warm and inviting so you need to have the right facilities in place and suitable room in the marquees to house them.

A good thing to keep in mind in winter is that the ground temperature may be very low. Keeping the marquee warmed will help but you may need additional things in place to make it pleasant. Temporary flooring, carpets and rugs can really help. The latter two can even add extra colour and texture to the setting.

When you plan a winter wedding it is important you arrange the correct marquee hire for the event. You should enquire in advance so you can get an idea of the size of the marquees and ensure you make the right choices. It is wise to book as early as possible so you can make sure the provider can meet your needs on the specific day. Remember it takes a lot of time to set up a wedding venue so you will need a company who can meet your requirements and offer flexibility.