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The marquee industry is seeing a greater level of gender equality

One universally acknowledged truth with wedding marquee hire is that it is important to choose experts to install them if you want to avoid problems. Some people might expect there to be a team comprised only of men to organise all the props, furniture and supports. These days however there is better equality, seeing both males and females taking on the jobs. Continue reading

Marquees for the little ones

As we have previously stated many, many times marquees are used for numerous events, ranging from a simple garden party to the more extravagant music festivals. The list of different celebrations held in them is always growing and they are becoming more popular all year round. Some of the uses are quite surprising but serve a very important purpose.

A baby marquee for parents to change and feed their little ones could be coming to Cheltenham’s festivals very soon if all goes well. Plans to incorporate a baby tent where parents can take care of their youngsters have received positive reception from mothers. The National Childbirth Trust hopes that it will obtain the required finances that would permit them to carry out this project.

This new baby feeding and changing marquee would provide everyone a clean and safe place to care for their children comfortably while the busy festival activities take place. In order to accomplish this, the organisation needs the necessary amount of funding. To help, they’ve applied for a grant from the Aviva Community Fund consisting of £1,000. This will allow them to buy the equipment that’s needed. This would include the marquee itself, in addition to comfortable chairs, blankets, bottle warmers and more.

With this marquee in place, no longer would parents have to worry about where they can and can’t look after their children. Instead of changing them on benches or in their pushchairs, they can use a nice, cosy, private marquee.

The idea to purchase the equipment outright shows that the plans would have a long term future. Marquee hire would be a good option for a short term trial but buying is better in the long term, offering more value for money over time.

One concern will be the additional storage requirements for the new equipment once it is purchased. With marquee hire there is no need for this but the aforementioned cost benefits outweigh this fact. On top of this owning the equipment makes planning and organisation easier; another big benefit for the festivals.

Marquees can prove to be great long term investments

Marquees aren’t just an extra addition to your function; they can act as a statement that says you have style. Whether you are an individual who is just after an excellent party tent for your event, or a business owner looking to attract more customers, a marquee can provide a wide array of opportunities including a great space you are free to customise.

People who run their own establishments are recognising the value of marquees more and more. The summer time in particular is the favourite time of all outdoor party enthusiasts. Recently, a restored pub has announced its plans to launch a brand new £500,000 space to hold functions in its rural grounds. The Black Horse in Beamish is to open The Orchard Marquee which is a 6,000 sq ft permanent structure placed within 33 acres of the lovely County Durham countryside. The functions that will be catered for by this marquee include weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.

With the opening of this marquee comes with it more than 15 full and part-time jobs. The tent itself can accommodate a grand total of 300 guests for sit down events and 200 more for standing ones. Knowing that the beautiful surroundings weren’t being utilised to the fullest, the decision was made to invest in the marquee. Because is is placed in such an idyllic countryside setting and is dazzling in its own right, there has already been a considerable amount of enquiries been made relating to it. This is a prime example of how an investment in marquees can turn in your favour.

If a marquee is being erected for a long period of time you need to ensure it is structurally sound and adheres to the relevant health and safety requirements. This is crucial or you could experience issues. On top of this you may need to check with the local authority to ensure you have the relevant permission.

It is also important to ensure that the marquee does not cause problems for neighbours or the general public. The structure should be placed in a suitable location where it can stand safely.

Marquee Hire Offers Excellent Value For Money

Let’s be very honest about it – so far 2016 has been a tumultuous year. We’ve seen and been through some quite dramatic events and changes, and there are a fair few things we’re uncertain of going forward. If there’s one thing that all of us are absolutely sure of, however, it would be that life goes on, come what may. Weddings, parties and happy events don’t come to a stop just because we don’t know for sure what the future holds.

Under the current circumstances, though, it would be fair to say we’re all being a little – or a lot – more cautious. One of the areas we are all being a bit more careful with is money. There’s nothing at all wrong with any of us doing this, and in fairness it’s perhaps time we all raised our expectations in terms of what value we get for our money. That’s exactly why people, in growing numbers, are looking at marquee hire services in Manchester for hosting their events.

We wouldn’t want you to read the above and think we were in some way suggesting that marquees should be seen as just a cheap way to host an event. Yes, it’s true that they are far more cost effective than many other forms of venue, but that’s not the only reason they are selected. The total freedom you get with a marquee – from size and shape right down to layout and decor – means that you are able to well and truly make the entire event all your own.

Our services are dedicated to ensuring that marquee hire in Manchester is an economically viable option for you. At the moment it’s the case that we are all looking to keep our expenses down and make sure we get the top value for our money available. Remember – no one ever knows exactly what the future will bring, but with our services you’ll know for sure that it is one which is filled with memories of a magnificent marquee event.