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Assembling a marquee

First of all, especially if it’s a large sized marquee, you need to make sure you have the right amount of people to help with holding up each section. This will ensure safety and efficiency. For a 6x14m size you will want around 4-5 people at hand (the more the merrier though)! Continue reading

Lights and spacing equals safety!

Marquee hire is number one answer when deciding on an outdoor venue for any event. Possessing the ability to be positioned on a host of surface types and to fit in well with countless environments, these tents are highly versatile. Just like with any structure however, health and safety should be considered so that everyone will remain safe in the case of an emergency. Continue reading

How long should you hire a marquee for?

When many people think about using a marquee (or marquees if several are being joined together) for an event, an important question that crops up is how long should they be looking to hire them for. It is tricky to answer this because every event is different. You need to get a good estimate though, or it could potentially have an impact on your event. Continue reading