Creative marquee fundraising event suggestions

During the process of organising a summer charity bash, there are two things that you need to accomplish. You have to obtain a balance between supplying an adequate amount of original entertainment and keep within your available budget in order to maximise the money that’s raised. There are a number of functions that can be enjoyed both indoors and outside, making marquee hire perfect for either the main event or to host shaded sitting areas, catering, and bars.

For those who wish to raise funds in an active manner, you can run a race with pantomime horses. To attract donations, think of a betting system and in return for advertising, ask some local establishments to sponsor these stallions. Getting business owners involved, or teachers if you represent a school, is also a brilliant way to keep everyone laughing.

Come up with some simple obstacle courses for participants to navigate is a fun idea too. Even if you add some obstacles into the mix, you could shift the race inside a smaller marquee space if it rains and it’ll still be long enough to prove itself a spectacle.

If you aren’t all that nimble, then you can borrow a television and organise a multiplayer gaming event. Games like Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii are excellent choices here. You can charge a set amount to play a round, or alternatively, take part in a grand championship.

Guests are more likely to attend if there are prizes up for grabs, so make arrangements for there to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rewards. Since we are talking about electronics here, it’s well worth it to set up this stall in a marquee. This will protect everything from both the rain and glare on the screen that comes from the sun.

Whatever fundraising event you decide to go with, a marquee hire is always a superb choice. Offering protection to both you and your equipment from the weather, it’s worth investing in one.