Hints and tips about guest numbers when you choose marquee hire

Marquee hire is a great option all year round if you struggle to find a suitable venue for your event. A big problem people have is that traditional venues have very strong restrictions in terms of capacity. Breaching these can lead to a huge array of problems because it can put everybody in the property at risk, especially in the event of a fire.

Marquees are much more flexible in terms of capacity. There will still be a maximum number of people they can safely accommodate, especially when you consider furnishings and other items, but you can easily extend the space. For one you can opt for different sizes to suit your needs. On top of this you could open the sides of the marquee create more space. Alternatively it is possible to connect marquees together to create an even larger covered space. Both options allow you to invite the number of guests you want to.

Although there is more flexibility it is wise to establish how many guests there will be attending the event. Naturally you can’t account for everything; there will always be some late cancellations and changes. What you do want is to do is try to plan for the maximum number of people you can expect. You can then choose a suitable marquee (or marquees).

It is wise to keep space in mind before you settle on which marquee to hire. You will want your guests to be comfortable, not too cramped together or so far away from each other they can’t communicate. The key to this is to choose the right sized marquees.

A good tip is to choose a little additional space if your event is being held in wet months. That way you can adjust your layout so that people don’t have to stand or sit where the ground is wet. To protect against wet ground causing a disruption you can also set the tent up a little earlier and invest in temporary flooring for the interior and walkway to the marquee.