How long should you hire a marquee for?

When many people think about using a marquee (or marquees if several are being joined together) for an event, an important question that crops up is how long should they be looking to hire them for. It is tricky to answer this because every event is different. You need to get a good estimate though, or it could potentially have an impact on your event.

For example, if you choose to hire the tent solely for the day of the celebration you need to ensure there will be enough time to get everything set up. If there isn’t you may not be ready for the guests arriving, resulting in delays and unhappy faces.

On the other hand you also need to avoid hiring the marquee for too long or you will find yourself paying out more than is necessary. With most companies you will be paying a fee for each day you have the tent so the longer you have it on site sitting empty before and after the event, the more you are spending.

Generally the exact amount of time you need the marquee for will depend on the purpose, or nature of your event, and the scale. The larger the celebration and the more there is to set up, the longer it will take. You should get an idea of this before you settle on marquee hire.

If the event is large, such as a wedding, or is being held at a time of the year when it may be windy and wet it is a good idea to get the marquee set up a day or two early. This will come at a higher cost but it will save you from a lot of stress and worry. When the weather is bad it also means you can protect the immediate site because when the tent is up the ground will be protected.

With most events you will want to leave a little bit of time afterwards before everything is taken down. The last thing you want is the marquee hire company arriving and shooing your guests away so they can pack up. If you book a little bit more time you also don’t need to worry about the celebration running too long.