Keeping an eye on your budget when you choose marquee hire

One misconception that many people have about marquee hire is that it is a cheaper option than established venues. It can offer savings and value for money but it is very easy to spend a lot of money on customising marquees and getting everything how you want it. To avoid overspending and blowing your budget you need to look at the big picture and account for everything.

Every marquee is a blank canvas ready to make into your dream venue. On top of the tent itself though you need to consider things like flooring, furnishings, power, lighting, heating, food and drink, toilets, and decorations. In additional there is still entertainment to plan. In total you could be looking at a sizeable bill to get everything right.

Marquee hire has a lot of potential and gives you control over the setting like no other venue. It is generally not a good option for people purely looking for the cheapest option though.

If you are looking to invest a little to make your venue truly unique and special there are plenty of benefits to a marquee and things you can do. First off you can create a beautiful grand entrance complete with flowers, colours, and decorations to give everybody a warm welcome.

A key thing to remember about marquees is the head height. Depending on the style there could be a lot of space to play with above your guests’ heads. This can be used for hanging all kinds of decorations that will make an instant impressive. Think chandeliers, beautiful lighting, bunting, and even more flowers. Remember to keep safety and weight restrictions in mind though.

One of the easiest ways to make a marquee unique and personal is to choose a lining. Rather than leaving the walls and roof white you can choose fabrics and line them, adding colour, patterns and texture. The end result is incredible and will leave a really good impression on guests.

When you choose marquee hire it is a good idea to have your budget in mind and think about all of the various costs you can incur.