Lights and spacing equals safety!

Marquee hire is number one answer when deciding on an outdoor venue for any event. Possessing the ability to be positioned on a host of surface types and to fit in well with countless environments, these tents are highly versatile. Just like with any structure however, health and safety should be considered so that everyone will remain safe in the case of an emergency.

In terms of controlling combustible and flammable substances, as well as ignition sources, all the cooking is best conducted in a separate locale. Should cooking be carried out within close proximity to combustible materials, a fire can quickly expand and spread out. As such, behaviour like this needs to be avoided whenever possible. Cooking flues and utensils must be located well away from marquee roofs and walls, and at no point should be left unattended.

In any instance where the marquee is utilised in the dead of night an adequate degree of illumination has to be present. Not only is this for the sake of easy movement, but because every exit and escape route must be visible too. Whatever your main power source happens to be, a backup shall be essential in the event of a failure. Additionally any backup that is used should include automatic operation so it takes over seamlessly.

When it comes to the seating, your site should be in a spacious area that has easy access. It should also give every occupant open space so they can get well clear if a fire breaks out. This same measure will help to give people access when they need to tackle the blaze. To provide decent access lanes between peggings and guy ropes should possess a clear width of 4 metres. In addition, an overhead clearance of 4.5 metres above ground level needs to be included.

At the end of the day, you’ll want your party to be one that everyone remembers, just not in the wrong way. With enough safety planning, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about when things get started. If you are worried about anything however, seek out help from a specialist who is experienced with marquee hire and setting up.