Making sure your marquee is tied down properly

It is British summertime, but we have all learned to treat this season with some trepidation. Recently, we were once again proved right to do so due to a spell of bad weather. Strong winds caused chaos across the UK, and many people were not quite prepared for it, including people enjoy events under marquees.

With such unpredictable weather it is important to prepare for the worst when you plan an outdoor event. Marquees can become an issue quite quickly if you are not careful, whether you own the product or have chosen marquee hire. It is important that you know how to pin down your marquee properly in case the wind does pick up.

To ensure optimum safety, it is important you know these steps to stop any accidents or danger being created, particularly when it could have just easily have been prevented. The checklist is as follows:

– Ensuring the structure is properly erected the most obvious bit of information to follow. Make sure you understand the instructions and comply with them.
– Never erect a marquee if the wind is above 60mph. This is generally the cut off mark when it’s probably not a good idea to put one up.
– Sometimes last minute changes have to be made when the wind has picked up. It should be carefully considered if changes need to be made.
– Make sure you have established every exit in your marquee so that if an emergency takes place you are prepared for it.
– Inform everyone who will be using the marquee where these exits are.
– Do not tamper with the marquee structure, especially if someone else erected the marquee for you. This can be any of the following; attempting to move the marquee, relocating exits, removal of walls, flooring systems and covering, or adjusting anchoring points.

These safety tips are paramount in ensuring optimum conditions for everyone, in and outside of the marquee. It is important to follow them as recently full sized marquees have managed to fly away and tear from their anchoring points due to the high winds.

If you choose marquee hire it is always best to make sure you deal with a highly experienced provider who can anticipate and plan for the weather conditions.