Marquees can act as makeshift exam rooms

Marquees are special tents that are commonly erected to host parties and other celebratory events. Coming in a multitude of sizes and practically having no limits when it comes to the designs, they stand as some of the most versatile structures out there. Whatever the event, a marquee shall most assuredly meet your requirements.

All over the world, people are finding uses for marquees beyond that of entertainment purposes. A prime example would be when one high school in Bangladesh had to utilise a marquee so that its students could take their exams.

In late 2016, three very colourful marquees had appeared on the premises of Jaldhaka Pilot Girl’s High School in Nilphamari. Initially, as you might expect, onlookers mistook it for a fair, circus or wedding, but they were in fact the makeshift halls for the Junior School Certificate examinations.

The school headmaster said that the education committee had directed the school authorities so that 1,544 examinees from 13 local schools could take their tests. There was trouble accommodating everyone since the school only had a max capacity of 1,000 pupils. They had to set up the marquees to compensate and so they ended up acquiring the tents as their solution.

One Upazila Education Officer stated that they had to conduct the exams in the Upazila town. This way, high government officials could visit the site easily in order to inspect vigilance. In addition, the officer also said that the government was considering constructing a separate examination building within town so that students could take their tests.

With a little imagination, marquee hire could provide the perfect venue for almost any conceivable event. With the right accessories at your disposal, you can customise your tent in the ways that best suit your needs. Reasonably priced and readily available, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t choose a marquee.