Planning for heavy wind when you choose a marquee

Marquees offer shelter from all kinds of weather, making them great venues for various events. On top of this they provide a flexible space that can be used to create the perfect layout for you.

In the UK many people think the biggest threat to their event is rain. Whilst it can cause all manner of problems the wind can result in even more. Winds are far more unpredictable and can create the risk that the entire structure will collapse if you have not taken suitable precautions.

The one combination you want to avoid at all costs is strong winds and a marquee that is opened on one side or partially completed. In these cases you could see the whole tent take off like a kite. This is especially likely to happen if you have not secured it down effectively and if the wind is particularly strong.

The best way to protect the marquee is to ensure you check the forecast carefully on the big day and ensure that the tent is complete rather than partially constructed. In the days leading up to the event you can construct the frame of the marquee if it has one but leave the canvas off so that wind can blow through easily. The earlier you put the fabric in place the more wind it will be exposed to.

Another option is to line the marquee with fabric or use plastic to make them sturdier. The first is a great choice because it lets you add more colour, designs and texture to the tent.

A final thing you must do to tackle the wind is ensure the marquee is stacked and weighted properly. You should account for the load that will be placed on each leg, prop and guideline, ensuring there is enough weight to keep them secure.

Remember wind can pick up at any time of the year. It is best to be prepared and ensure it won’t cause problems for you. When you arrange marquee hire you should discuss wind loading with them and other safety concerns. Many companies will dispatch an experienced engineer to check the site and ensure everything is set up properly.