Planning for summer if you choose marquee hire for weddings

Summer is the most popular month for marquee hire for weddings. The weather is generally better during this period, encouraging more people to choose outdoor celebrations in beautiful settings rather than traditional venues. This can also prove to be a cost effective option.

Although the majority of people want the sun to be shining on their wedding day it is important to plan for this when you choose a marquee. If you fail to do so you could find that your guests are very warm and uncomfortable.

The best choice of marquee for summer events is one whose sides can easily be adapted to suit the weather. You should be able to roll them up to allow fresh air in when you need to, or close them over if it gets cold or rain starts to fall. When you do open the sides you should make sure you have an opening on both so the air can pass through rather than potentially getting caught. This is particularly important if it is very windy.

One thing people like to do with marquees is to get them lined with a colourful patterned fabric. This can allow them to set the scene and bring their theme to life. In really hot weather an additional layer of material will keep the heat trapped inside the tent. You need to plan for this, ensuring you have the sides open or fans set up to keep people cool.

In warm weather you also need to have an extra think about your catering. Cold food left out on tables in warm temperatures will quickly spoil. The food will also attract pests if you don’t take steps to protect it. Make sure you plan your catering with care and have the right facilities to serve and store it.

Having a good supply of ice and cold drinks is wise in the summer too. They will help people to cool down and keep them refreshed for the duration of the event.

The summer weather can make weddings really beautiful and memorable; just make sure the latter is for the right reasons with careful planning.