Reap the rewards with marquee hire

Unlike a Christmas celebration, a corporate award ceremony can be held all year around. They can prove to be the perfect opportunity to take everyone out of the office and make the most of the warm summer months. If you opt for marquee hire for the occasion, representing your company’s personality is also a simple matter as you can control the design, contents, and layout for the event.

The purpose of an awards evening of this calibre is not just to recognise particular accomplishments, but to let employees have a good time as a reward for their services too. With this fact in mind, what you should be aiming to do is create an enjoyable environment so that everyone has the best time possible. Music, a dance floor and excellent lighting are typically great starting points. In order to make certain that your plans are practical though, you’ll have to select your marquee carefully.

The marquee you can choose will largely depend on your budget. If your funding is somewhat limited, just go with a small buffet or a few nibbles here and there as a nice gesture. For events that are more formal however, a corporate dinner is the way forward. If you decide to have the dinner in the marquee, you can hire one out that has partitions. This way, your caterers can have their own dedicated space.

Budget, as well as location, also decides whether there is a free bar, as bartenders will need to be hired to run things. To make sure that your budget can be balanced correctly, these aspects should be thought about well in advance. Keep in mind that refreshments are a great way to help people relax during awards ceremonies.

If you are currently planning an event for your workers, then you should definitely consider marquee hire. With so many options available, putting on the event that everyone deserves shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.