The history of marquees and tents

Marquees have become a popular feature for many different types of events, from weddings, to parties, to business meetings. To understand why these special kinds of tents are so popular, it is important to know the history.

Traditional tents go as far back as the Iron Age, and have become useful for a number of different purposes. These have included recreational camping, shelter for disasters, military camps, and for hosting events or protests.

There are many shapes and sizes of tents; they have evolved through history as needs have changed. Many types, including marquees, can range from being lightweight and simple to extravagant. Bell tents are possibly the most common type of marquee.

The fabric of many tents, including marquees, used to be made from canvas. But in today’s age, many are manufactured using polythene. It is found that the material does a better job of protecting inhabitants from the weather. It is stronger, more waterproof, and will resist wear and tear for much longer.

Marquee tents originally came from circuses in the late 1800s; the iconic striped tent was known as a ‘Big Top’. The touring aspect that came with circuses meant that marquees were ideal because of the simple disassembly and erection of them. The fact they could accommodate large numbers of people as well as wonderful shows revealed how useful they would be for other events.

Today marquees are used for all kinds of needs, including music festivals. They are even used to create luxurious weddings, whilst helping keeping budgets small in many cases. On the more professional side, marquees can be used for corporate events, creating a professional atmosphere.

As you can see marquees are flexible and suitable for any kind of outdoor event when you want to provide some coverage and protection. They can prove to be a fantastic investment and help you to create the perfect environment for you celebration.