The multitude of marquee models available

A marquee is so much more than a simple tent once you come to understand its full potential. These structures are purposely designed to fit in large open spaces and to protect the inhabitants from various weather conditions. Depending on the requirements of the individual, different models exist with unique designs and colours to choose from.

Framed marquees are quite the popular option, being frequently utilised for wedding ceremonies. These marquees are very modern and have aluminium poles on the sides. Since no pole is necessary for the centre, you have more room available in which to enjoy yourselves. This model is also quite durable, being suitable for a number of different occasions besides weddings.

The high peak marquee model is a more traditional option for those who are into the classical touches when it comes to their events. Should there be any festivals or ceremonies where a massive volume of people tend to gather, this is the marquee that will typically be utilised. Add some lights and props to the side of the high peak and what you have is a very attractive and beautiful marquee, guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone.

Canopy style marquees are also a favourite for many people, being completely covered over the top but are open at all sides. These marquees can commonly be seen in use during large public events like fairs or massive music festivals, due to their ability to accommodate a big crowd.

All of these different types of marquees each bring a unique experience to any party or function at which they are present. No outdoor event is really the same without a marquee and they should definitely be considered for any outdoor plans that you may have. You can hire one for as long as you need and with one you have great freedom when it comes to decorating and making the space your own.