Tips for saving money with marquee hire

Marquee hire can help you to create the perfect venue for any kind of event. With it you can select a location that suits you, whether it is a beach, in the countryside, or with a renowned building in the background. This is something you can’t get with other venues.

In addition you can decorate the marquee however you like, from selecting the ideal furniture to choosing fabrics, flowers, and all kinds of other decorations. You are free to combine as many elements as you want and have the whole space to play with.

One thing you may be concerned with is the cost though. Marquees can prove to be expensive because there are so many things you need to pay for. Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to cut the costs back.

A great way to reduce the costs is to avoid peak weekends. May, June and July are typically the warmest months in the UK. As a result this is when the number of outdoor events takes a huge leap. As a result the demand for marquees rises substantially, pushing up the prise and restricting availability. Moving your event can result in good savings.

Planning in advance is very important in terms of prices. It can unlock great discounts and help you to beat the competition. The later you leave things the more the price can rise. Any last minute changes can leave you out of pocket too as the timeframe limits your options a great deal.

If any changes result in last minute additions to the guest list you should first look at adjusting the layout and seating plan. You may be able to accommodate people without having to upgrade to a larger marquee. This would result in savings.

Many venues will have a preferred supplier for everything from marquee hire to photography and catering. Keep in mind you should be free to choose alternatives to these if you wish. This could also result in savings.

Marquee hire can help you to create a fantastic event that your guests will love. If you take heed of the advice above you will also stand the best chance of sticking within your budget.