Types of marquees and how they can impact your decorations

Marquees are brilliant for hosting outdoor events, regardless of their size. There are so many different types to choose from too! This makes it easier to find the perfect one for you.

The vast majority of marquees always come as a blank canvas. This is to allow flexibility, catering for whatever type of themed event you wish to host. The specific style can have an impact on what you can do in terms of decorating though. So what type should you choose when you opt for marquee hire?

– Traditional marquee – these are perfect for weddings and creating a romantic setting. These should ideally be erected on grass; certain models are supported by its central poles, steel pins and guy ropes.

– Frame marquees – these are held up by an aluminium frame so there is no need for this marquee to be specifically erected on grass. These are ideal for an open space event and can be put up in way more locations.

– Yurts – these are an alternative to a marquee. Generally, they are made in a circular shape using wood supports with a canvas cover. They can offer a great rustic feel.

– Stretch marquees – these are created using one piece of large, stretchy fabric. Held up by multiple poles to create the roof structure, these are ideal for areas of uneven ground.

– Chinese hat marquees – these marquees are more flexible as you can enjoy them with walls or without. These are an ideal centrepiece for medium sized parties.

All these marquees can be used for many kinds of events. It is up to you which one best fits, but you can be assured that whichever you choose to hire it will be flexible for a variety of decor choices.

If you are considering marquee hire we urge you to take the time to consider the various styles and the impact they can have on your event. Keep in mind that as the style changes so too can the capacity and the layout options.