Which style of marquee should you hire?

One of the most important things to consider before you choose marquee hire is which style you want. The choice will typically come down to one of two options; traditional or frame. It is important to understand the differences between the two as they will have an impact on where you can set them up.

Tradition style marquees are secured in place using guy lines and held up with posts. The lines need to be secured to anchoring points hammered into the ground and the poles must be securely in place. As a result this style of marquee cannot be used on hard-standing surfaces such as courtyards, tennis courts, and concrete. They are great on softer surfaces but you’ll also need to ensure there is enough space to run the lines out, ensuring they are taut enough to hold up the tent.

Frame marquees are more flexible. They feature framework over which the fabric is placed. This helps to give it shape and also provides support. Ballast is used to secure the framework, preventing it from shifting.

The major benefit of frame marquees is they can be placed almost anywhere, including on harder ground. In addition the frame means there is no need for internal poles or external guy ropes. In most cases the framework will be hidden from view as well, ensuring it does not prove to be a distraction.

Many people appreciate the look of traditional marquees, particularly if it suits their theme. Others like the flexibility offered by framed variants. With the latter there is the opportunity to change the fabric, making use of different colours and even adding clear PVC windows to allow more light into the space.

When you plan marquee hire for your event you should look carefully at the setting and decide which type you will need. Keep in mind that there are several specific styles you may encounter too, including American, Indian, Moroccan, Bedouin, Kata, and Tipis. Ensure the one you select can be set up safely and effectively.