Why hire a marquee? What use would I have for one?

A marquee is highly customisable and easy to transport for something of its size! Once pulled out of the van it can be set up and configured appropriately to the event, whether it’s a wedding, concert, family activity or corporate event, to name a few examples.

Let’s go with those examples for now. It’s the middle of summer and over a hundred people are expected to turn up. You could have an indoor event; that choice is always there, but when the weather’s at its best and the heat wave comes, a marquee can make a world of difference!

With the marquee you’ll be out in the open air. It’s much fresher, especially when you have over a hundred people present! Depending on the plan you can also attach multiple marquees together and set it up in a way that best suits your event. There’s always that ability to raise the side walls up and bring in that natural air while also expanding the area.

For example, a wedding involving a marquee can be separated among multiple connected structures. Dividing walls can help to split the sit-down reception from a bar and dance floor. Alternatively it can be an all-open event under the same roof in one single huge marquee.

Indoor events also can feel cramped and uncomfortable at times. Occasions where a lot of equipment is needed, such as a concert, may even benefit more from a marquee. All that open space can prove valuable for accessibility and set-up time.

But of course, all of these options mentioned of how you have a marquee are exactly that – options! There are other examples of a marquee-based event that haven’t been mentioned, but that’s because there are so many ways to go about it. With a marquee you aren’t limited by the immovable shape of an indoor location. Instead you have a portable venue that can be set up to your preference. Doesn’t that sound handy?